What to do When You are Sexless in Marriage

Dave Willis once said “Great marriages don’t happen by luck or by accident. They are the result of a consistent investment of time, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, affection prayer, mutual respect and a rock-solid commitment between husband and wife.”


For we do believe that the essence of marriage inculcated the importance of sacredness that binds love among couples, for better or for worst, till death do their part. There are a lot of things that are accumulated when you got married. Choosing to live up with tons of responsibilities with your partner is a never ending process— it includes giving their holistic needs.

Sex is said to be an important part of any relationship most especially to the married couples. It gives fulfilment to the bind they have as husband and wife. It also helps them to grow even better. Moreover, to produce off-spring and have their own family which consist of a mother, a father, and children, couples need to undergo sex of course. Happy husband or wife is equals to happy relationship. However, there are instances that give couples trouble in a relationship. War, misunderstanding, boredom, infidelity, tiredness, erectile dysfunction and relationship conflict are just some factors that may ruin your sex life. What if it stops? What can you do to gain that eagerness to be back on track of your active sex life?


In some instances, couples who have been together for a decade or over years have this tendency to be inactive in their sex life. Michele Davis, an author of Sex Starved Marriage explained the reason of having a low sex marriage. According to her, when one spouse is desperately yearning for more touch, physical closeness and more sex, he feels the disconnection between the intimacy at all levels and this intimacy tends to drop. In connection to this, here are some ways on how to build that sex confidence again.

Tips to Help a Sexless Marriage


  • Communication is one of the important aspects of relationship. Never reject the essence of communication. Talk with your spouse about the issue of having a low sex or no sex in your marriage. Indeed, difficult but it is necessary. Decide on ways on how you both think you can rekindle your sex life.
  • Never forget to put your sex on your schedule. It is kinda’ unromantic but it will be the most romantic scenario if it is done it a right way. Make sure both of you will have something to look forward to.
  • Try something new, explore, and take another step in moving to next level of your relationship. Play up to spice up things between your partners. Aggravate your ways and means to have better sex in bed.
  • Consider seeing a professional counsellor who deals with your sexual issues in marriage like a certified sex therapist.
  • Add fun activity with your partner to regain that intimacy within you. Set a date like going out for a relaxing out of town with your partner or attend a retreat about marriage.

There is no harm in trying new things. If during your younger days, you have gain a lot of power to expedite your sex life with your partner and lost it in amidst of your married life, just keep in mind that you can and you will offer the best sex life to your partner as long as you will never get tired of giving your husband/wife the satisfaction they need.