How You’d Date a Trans Woman in Vancouver

With its progressive laws protecting the LGBT community, Canada has become one of the trans-friendliest countries in the world. The Canadian government adopted anti-discrimination laws specifically for TS (transgender) people a few years ago.

TS dating in Vancouver is safe and fun. There are lots of things you can do and places to go together. One such place is the Numbers Cabaret, a trans-friendly club on three different levels in the area of Davies Street. This place has a full dance floor, a karaoke room, and DJs every day of the week. You can play darts or pool. You could also take your trans date to the club 1181 Lounge in the same area.

If a club doesn’t seem like all that interesting or exciting of an experience, an option that’s recommended by locals is Science World, a museum with science shows and interactive displays. The museum organizes different events every week. An upcoming highlight is Science World after Dark, a monthly special where adults explore the galleries and exhibits at their leisure. There are fascinating films playing at the OMNIMAX, food, drinks, and music. The museum’s Eureka program lets visitors play with motion, light, sound, and water.

Vancouver has a vast network of trans individuals, whom you’ll see out and about. The focal point of the community is the area of Commercial Drive and Davie Street. We’ve established that there are places to go so you won’t be stumped as to things to do with your date. Add going for a walk in one of the city’s many gorgeous, lush green parks or visiting one of the malls to the list.

Vancouver is definitely not one of those cities where it’s dangerous to be seen with a trans person in public. Still, there is certain “etiquette” to be followed. Do not assume your date uses a certain pronoun or will want to talk about sex reassignment surgery. Do not ask them what their “real name” is as this topic can provoke anxiety and even depress a trans person. Always respect the terms they use to describe themselves and be patient as they explore their gender identity.